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Motorcycle Key

Car drivers aren’t the only ones that lose their keys. Motorcycle drivers can as well. This would leave the motorist stranded on the side of the road; if this has happened to you it may have seemed like a nightmare. What do you do if you are on your motorcycle and lose your key? The simple answer is calling LA Robin's Lock & Key Locksmith. We are here to get you back on your bike and are available 24/7 for emergency key replacement for all the motorcyclists in the area.

In a matter of a few minutes our trained technicians can issue you a duplicate motorcycle key and our mobile service operates 24 hours a day, so no need to worry about being late to an appointment, work, or having to wait to get back on your bike to continue your ride. In the unfortunate case that you have broken or lost your motorcycle key, or if it was stolen or smashed in an accident we can be there quickly to have you moving again with a replacement motorcycle key. One of our trusted technicians at LA Robin's Lock & Key Locksmith will be there to take care of you.

All of our technicians are trained and skilled in the locksmith field. They can help with all lock and key problems for many motorcycle makes and models. Ducati, Yamaha, and Harley Davidson are just a few of the different brands of motorcycles that we can rekey without any issues.

Unlike cars and the like, motorcycles are more exposed and can require a variety of locks for security purposes. These locks include: motorcycle fork locks, disc brake locks, gas and oil cap locks, and seat locks. Of course these areas are all functional when you have all the keys, though what happens when one or more of them gets lost or damaged? It’s no good to have the ignition key if you’ve lost the key to open the motorcycle gas tank. That’s why it’s smart to have back up set of motorcycle keys in case one of these situations arises. When you lose or damage any one of your motorcycle keys you can count on LA Robin's Lock & Key to provide you with another set of keys in a short amount of time.

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