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Laser Cut Key

What is a laser key? It's added security! A specialty cut key that is becoming used more regularly on many vehicle models. At LA Robin's Lock & Key Locksmith we can replace your laser cut keys. Our mobile team is available 24 hours a day to assess your situation and fix the problem you are having with your laser key.

What is a laser key and how does it work?

Laser Cut Key

A specialized laser key cutting machine is used to make laser keys. Conventional key cutting machines do not cut as accurate as a laser key cutting machine, therefore the benefit of having laser keys cut is that they do not wear out as quickly due to the fact that they are much thicker than your average cut key. Laser cut keys lock the doors and the ignition at the same time, and are much stronger and extremely difficult to be damaged or picked by a car thief. In addition, it is also very unlikely if not impossible for a car thief to produce a laser key through the utilization of a hand key cutting machine.

Why are laser cut keys so unique, you ask? It's because there is a groove cut out inside the key itself. This type of cut is referred to as a (sidewinder) or laser cut. The key’s groove is contained in the middle of the blade's face, which is rectangular in shape, and has a wave in it that extends the length of the key, and keeps the same depth throughout.

A laser cut key is symmetrical, as in the blade has the groove on the back and the front. This allows the key to be used both ways in the lock.

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