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Duplicate Chip Key

Transponder key programming involves a microchip that is places in the top of the key. There is a unique serial number on the microchip made by a transponder key programmer designed specifically for that key.

The car cannot start if it does not recognize and confirm the serial number. This validation is accomplished by the electronic/engine control units (ECU). It sends a request to the vehicle for validation.

It’s a good idea, when buying a car that includes transponder keys, to have a minimum of two keys. It’s important to have a second legitimate, programmed transponder key in the unfortunate case that one gets lost or damaged. Let us at LA Robin's Lock & Key Locksmith set you up with some duplicate chips keys!

In most cases, when duplicate transponder keys are needed for your vehicle, a dealership or locksmith can accommodate you, keep in mind dealerships generally charge 300% profit margin, where as a locksmith can usually cut and program a duplicate chip key for 50% less than the dealership.

For some car owners it may be possible to program your own blank keys, though the process can vary per make and model of car. At LA Robin's Lock & Key Locksmith we can assist you and let you know if your car falls into this category.

Many insurance companies and manufacturers consider vehicles with transponder keys to be virtually theft proof due to the technology concerned in programming these keys to specific vehicles. There are however reports of car thieves finding ways around the transponder by having the vehicle towed away.

Our company is insured, bonded, and licensed, and though some manufacturers have been wary of releasing their programming codes to locksmiths, our company has 99% of all programming codes for transponder keys.

In addition to Duplicate Chip Key services, LA Robin's Lock & Key Locksmith also provides Chip Key, Car Remote, and Keyless Remotes.

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